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How to Write a Summary Paragraph about an Article

A summary must contain the most important information. There must be organization and no falsification of the truth. Keep in mind how your teachers expected you to produce a thorough book report and a strong summary for your book reports in elementary and high school. That has not altered at all. The same holds for summary paragraphs for articles and/or literary works, such as the Gettysburg Address and many fairy tale stories as well as essays from textbooks.

It would be imperative for you to go through the post before writing it, and be sure to use your own words for the subject. Try to work from outlines or subtopics if you can. You can check your work by comparing it to the source texts. Express the article clearly and use a few words.

The condensed version of a fictional story is one example. The summary should generally be no longer than 500 words. Do not invent false information. Do not alter your perspective.

What should the summary be like?

A brief paragraph can also serve as a summary of the article. Keep in mind the lead sentence. If the tale is news-related, it must address the following questions: what, when, where, how, why, who, and which.

Get the basic idea of a piece, and then highlight the key elements. Put your own words and voice in them when you write them. It is similar to creating succinct captions to help you recall.

Let us try it. Describe the following in brief.

  • Go through a recent newspaper. Create a synopsis. (The first paragraph is crucial.)
  • Get a magazine story, please. Summarize. (Identify the theme sentence or primary idea. Alternately, create an outline and add the important details.)
  • Google the best website. Find a publication. Summarize. (Keep in mind that the summary cannot contain more than 500 words. If the article is brief, the summary must also be condensed, but the main idea must still be clear.
  • Learn how to compose an epitome as well. An epitome, as specified, captures the primary idea of a manuscript in one or two sentences. You can use this to aid in your reading and analysis.

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The summary tool

You could do all this or simply look for a reliable summary tool to ensure you get what you desire. The summary tool should be able to handle your specific needs without changing the meaning of the content.

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