The Value of AWS Certifications in Your Professional Life


The adoption of cloud computing gained impetus over the last few years. Cloud computing allows companies to swiftly innovate with greater agility. The cloud has been a boon to many organisations as it aligns costs with demands.

Therefore, it is no surprise that cloud computing experts are in great demand. If you’re a cloud computing professional and want to scale up your skills, opting for AWS certification will be ideal. As an AWS certified Cloud practitioner, you’ll be eligible for higher perks and recognition in your career.

While standard certifications don’t always equate to competence, an AWS Certification correlates to lucrative salary packages and career opportunities. If you are just foraying into the world of the cloud, the AWS cloud practitioner exam is suitable. Here are some reasons why there is immense value for AWS Certification in your professional life.

Overview of AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) comprises more than hundred integrated cloud services. These cloud technologies and services assist companies in fine-tuning their security database along with other critical operations.

The main benefit of Amazon Web Services is that you only pay for the cloud services your organisation uses. With AWS services, organisations can create a complete cloud infrastructure. And as AWS is a cloud-based platform, companies don’t need to rely on physical hardware.

The Value of AWS Certifications in Your Professional Life 

Here are some reasons why AWS Certifications are valuable in your professional life.

Language Upskill

When you are learning something new, it is crucial that you comprehend the language used. Certifications are always a good framework for learning working languages. Moreover, if you’re coming from outside the cloud industry, certification is an ideal way to upskill.

Partnership Opportunities

An AWS certified solutions architect can work for a consulting firm or as a partner of the cloud vendor. Cloud vendors typically require a certain number of professionals to be certified to collaborate with them. With AWS Certifications, you can attain a higher tier of collaboration with reputed cloud vendors.

Helps to Improved Future Prospects

Cloud computing technology will increasingly gain prominence in the future. Industry trends depict that a large majority of organisations will transfer their operations to the cloud. AWS is one of the most reliable cloud services providers in the present market.

Hence, with AWS Certifications and training, you can prepare for future trends. In the future, many companies will require certified cloud professionals. A training certificate on AWS will brighten your career prospects.

Expand Your Professional Network

One of the key highlights of AWS Certifications is their ability to bring professional recognition to you. While undergoing training in AWS Certification, you can enrol with the global community of AWS-certified cloud professionals. Certified and trained professionals can easily interact with the AWS Community of cloud professionals to stay connected.

Apart from creating your own network of professionals, you can also access expansion opportunities. Certification and training on AWS open exciting pathways to communicate with cloud experts. You can share and present your views with a large number of experienced cloud technicians and professionals.

Be A Subject Matter Expert

With AWS Certifications, you can evolve into the role of a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Certified AWS professionals can opt for the AWS SME program. With the SME program, cloud experts can understand AWS services extensively.

Furthermore, you can contribute to the exam development procedure. You can take part in other seminars. You’re able to gain recognition and add weightage to your CV.

While there are innumerable benefits to AWS Certifications, its real-world value is simple. AWS Certifications can level up your career with better job prospects.

Why are Organisations Increasingly Adopting AWS Cloud Services?

Organisations are increasingly opting for AWS cloud services because of the following reasons.

  • Operating an array of servers seamlessly on the cloud
  • Safe storage of sensitive files and data on the cloud
  • The AWS cloud platform facilitates the development of highly-managed databases like MySQL, SQL, etc.
  • With AWS, companies can leverage CloudFront for developing content delivery networks

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