Cloud-Biometric Authentication Fortifies FIDO’s Multi-Device Credentials

For decades, knowledge-based login credentials became a primary tool for protecting various digital platforms’ accounts. Countless industries have used passwords worldwide to allow their consumers to quickly log in and gain access to their accounts when they need to. But the over-reliance on passwords for cybersecurity has also made them more vulnerable and prone to attacks in recent years.

With traditional tricks and sophisticated technology, bad actors commit password-related crimes in many ways. This has led to the constant increase in identity theft cases every year as countless companies are yet to improve their online security measures. Investing in advanced identity verification solutions can help prevent fraudsters from exploiting many enterprises’ legacy online security methods.

Industry leaders, led by the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) alliance, aim to eliminate the use of passwords for user verification and replace it with more robust options. Just recently, the FIDO alliance, led by board-level members Apple, Microsoft, and Google, announced that they are planning to expand further the common passwordless sign-in standard created by FIDO.

This will allow the consumers to experience passwordless sign-in on multiple devices. But even though this would enhance usability, it still has some shortcomings. Cybercriminals widely exploit the weaknesses of the FIDO current FIDO passwordless option to bypass the digital security of their targets. It also does not guarantee that the vendor will know who used a particular device to make transactions, primarily if multiple people use it.

Integrating biological data for authentication will significantly improve the FIDO passwordless system implemented by numerous companies. Getting the help of prominent biometric identification solutions, such as authID and LoginID can provide organizations with a reliable tool for a seamless login process. Combining biometrics with the FIDO passwordless solution will ensure a high level of protection for online platforms and servers that store classified data.

To learn more about how cloud-biometric authentication fortifies FIDO’s multi-factor credentials, check this Article provided by authID.ai.


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Terri Nichols